A common question that gets asked is when is the best time to have an ice bath? The best time will vary depending on which of the benefits you are after and how that may fit in with your overall lifestyle and routine. We recommend you avoid having an ice bath immediately after a strength workout to avoid blunting the natural anabolic window and related gains in muscle mass and strength that occurs immediately post-workout. However, if your main goal is target an inflamed tissue or joint or pain relief after a workout, then you may wish to have an ice bath straight after. If you’re competing or training in hot humid weather, you can consider an ice bath as part of your pre-event routine to slightly precool your core temperature for improved athletic performance.


Cold water immersion is considered to be immersion of the body in water that is 15°C or cooler. Our ice bath is maintained at a temperature of between 8-10°C . Our Australian made ice bath is 4m long and 1.5m deep, you can stand and move around whilst you’re in there or just chill out on the integrated bench seat. We have selected the cutting edge mineral ice bath from iCoolsport. In line with our focus on quality and health, we have entrusted the highly regarded Brauer Industries to provide the commercial water sanitation system which utilises an ‘advanced oxidation process’ (ozone + UV) for the ultimate in pure and clean water quality (brauerindustries.com). This system significantly reduces the need for harsh chemicals such as chlorine. A Rolls Royce set up in the world of ice baths, we are truly delighted to be offering a mineral ice bath of this calibre in Sydney. If you have no prior experience with ice baths, please let us know so our friendly and helpful staff can give you the necessary guidance or supervision. Also our ice bath facility comes with a convenient warm shower. But warming your body back up from the inside out after your ice bath tends to work better, which is why we also offer a complementary warm cup of tea after your ice bath.

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