Purpose and Promise

Purpose & Promise

The BALANCE between
Body & Mind.

Novoa Health was born with a purpose to provide the Northern Beaches community a diverse and high-quality selection of health care professionals and recovery facilities. Our promise is to empower our patients with the ability to build resilience and freedom in body and mind. Freedom to move well, perform, and be able to flick the switch out of ‘fight or flight’ mode when needed. Having a calm yet focused mind is not only a freedom, but perhaps the most powerful tool for life in general. Resilience to perform well under pressure and recover from the long list of curve balls life throws at you.

Brand Founder

Dr. Zlatko Jovanov

Dr. Zlatko Jovanov holds the qualifications of a Bachelor of Medical Science (UNSW, 2005) and Master of Chiropractic (Mac Uni, 2009). Zlat is Novoa’s Chiropractor, certified Oxygen Advantage® instructor & Cold Water Immersion instructor. He has a special interest in healthy lifestyle habits that can build resilience and longevity. Zlat gets tremendous fulfilment in helping his patients get out of pain, repair and recover better and removing barriers to movement so they can get back to enjoying the activities they love most as soon as possible.

With close to fifteen years in private practice treating and rehabilitating a wide range of musculoskeletal and associated mild nerve disorders, Zlat enjoys helping his patients find practical solutions to overcoming any obstacles getting in their way of feeling good and doing the things they love. Zlat treats muscle and joint pain, tendinopathies of the upper and lower limbs, back and neck pain, chronic conditions, sports injuries, breathing pattern disorders, stiffness, osteoarthritis, disc injuries and mild cases of nerve pain.

Zlat has experienced the incredible power of the human nervous system and its influence on peoples’ health, physiology, disease, injuries, healing capacity and physical and mental performance. Zlat’s services are carefully tailored to each patient’s unique needs, drawing from a well-rounded skill set that includes:

Shockwave Therapy
MiS Laser Therapy
Spinal Adjustments and Mobilisations
Dry Needling
Cupping & Soft Tissue Therapy including Active Release & IASTM
Customised Rehabilitation Exercise Programs
Lifestyle Advice and Activity Modification
Sports Taping
Functional Breathwork Training (Oxygen Advantage Method)

Zlat is also a certified Cold Water Immersion (CWI) Instructor & Oxygen Advantage Instructor, and enjoys incorporating breathwork and CWI as a tool to assist his patients and members of the community improve their stress response.

When not helping others in the centre, Zlat enjoys being active outdoors with his lovely wife Becc and three young children.

Loves: Ice baths, exercise, exploring mother nature, family time, good food & music.

Dr. Zlatko Jovanov